Breathe With Awareness. Remember – You Are Alive.

“Breathe. You are alive.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Stop for a moment. Breathe in deeply through your nose. Slowly breathe out through your mouth. Smile. Feel the goosebumps all over your body.

Congratulations! You just achieved oneness of body and mind. Just one mindful in-breath and out-breath was enough. You arrived in the here and now. Our ultimate and final destination.

Practice this often. You will discover that everything you were looking for was right here all the time. Breathe with awareness while you are walking. Breathe with awareness while you are eating. Breathe with awareness while you are listening to your loved one. Discover the wonders of life in each mindful moment.

Breathe. You are alive.

Be well! 🙂

Tea Meditation – My Daily Kung Fu

Pu-erh Cha. Liu Cha. Bai Cha. Oloong Cha. Any of these names sound familiar? 🙂

How about gong fu? Kung fu? You heard about that one, I am sure. Bruce Lee and martial arts. Mr. Miyagi.

Kung fu refers to anything that we practice in a deliberate and mindful way. If we consciously set aside time on a regular basis to practice writing by hand – we are developing our handwriting kung fu. If we approach cooking in a similar way – we are growing our kung fu of cooking. Maybe we are learning to play a musical instrument. Or computer programming. Or dancing. Even walking.

Every time we repeat a practice – we are increasing the quality and depth of our thought, understanding and energy. We are becoming better at it.

I love kung fu of tea brewing and drinking. Chinese have a name for it – Gong Fu Cha. I see it as a form of meditation. Before, I was a coffee junkie – drinking more than 6 espressos every day just to keep up with my overwhelming entrepreneurial madness. Not to mention Red Bulls and other sugary energy drinks. But in the last couple of years, since I started regular meditation practice – I have fallen in love with tea.

Every morning before I start to work – I do a small tea meditation session.

Qi – Chinese symbol.

Every tea has its own energy – Cha Qi.

Water quality is very important – it is worth to take our time and get spring water. Chinese say “Water is mother of tea”.

The process of preparing a session and brewing is very much like a ritual – designed to bring us back to the present moment. This is why there are many utensils and items present during tea ceremony. Chinese say “Teaware is father of tea”.

Thich Nhat Hanh on Tea Meditation, SuperSoul Sunday.

Yunnan Sourcing is a great source to start your tea journey.